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other Hot Springs

While the Pamukkale is unique in the world due the combination of Roman Ruins, hot springs, and the famed Travertine Terrace it is not the only important hot springs in Turkey or even within Denilzi Province.  Turkey is well known for it's geothermal activity and for the love of bathing since historical times, so there are a wide verity of other Hot Springs, starting with one just 7km away!

Karahayit Red Mud Springs - Just a five minute drive from Pamukkale this natural hot spring has carbonated water bubbling up through iron rich mud giving a messy and healthy place to bath your feet. Suitable as a day or half day outing when staying in Pamukkale.  This spring is not so well known outside Turkey so you will find more Turkish people at the springs.

Bursa - In the town of Çekirge are to be found baths from the Ottoman Empire period which are well preserved as they are still in use today, both by locals, those from other parts of Turkey, and from other countries.

Termal - Just south of Istanbul and conveniently reached via ferry this spa town has been active as a resort destination from Roman through Ottoman to modern times.

Kangal - The origin of the "fish foot therapy" now popular in spas around the world the baths at Kangal naturally are inhabited by fish which help to remove dead skin from the feet of those who venture into their water.

Antique Pool

Situated above the Pamukkale white travertine pools is one particularly spectacular location fed by the same hot springs. Here you can bath in the same waters in which Cleopatra once swam! A professionally run modern spa facility allows you to enjoy these historical healing waters.

Unlike the white water of the lower pools the Antique Pool favored by Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is pure clear warm water. Once it was surmounted by a Roman Temple to Apollo with ornate roof held up with Doric columns. Imagine how Cleopatra must have experienced this when you imagine it in it's glory day.

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